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Why you should add skylights in your home

Posted October 20, 2021

Why add skylights? Here are some of the massive benefits you could achieve by installing skylights in your kitchen and bathrooms. Skylights in the home provide plenty of advantages to home owners, influencing light, space, ventilation, budget, mood, and health in a number of ways. Plus, they don’t just look good, they offer a level of practicality. Install a skylight or multiple, to improve your home, how it looks and feels.

1. Increase natural light.

Skylights allow for natural light to enter a room. They are designed to increase the amount of sunlight in the home by distributing more light than a vertical window. Installing skylights in the kitchen will add to the existing light to make the room brighter, creating a space with all day natural light to work from. In bathrooms, skylights can bring more light into the room without having to sacrifice privacy. If the rooms in your home have very little natural light incoming, then a skylight is a great addition.

 2. More space.

Having skylights in the home can make spaces appear larger than they actually are. Skylights have the ability to open up rooms as the light from above can add to the perceived space and depth of the home. These fixtures can improve a room without obstructing space, increasing the amenities and flexibility of its design.

3. Ventilation.

The right skylight can provide air flow and better ventilation throughout the home. Skylights can be opened to invite fresh air in, for a cool and comfortable space. For kitchens and bathrooms, they are able to create a ventilation system to release steam and condensation, as warm air is drawn up through the skylight to produce a cooling effect. Overall, they can make kitchens and bathroom spaces feel cleaner and fresher.

4. Solar heat.

Spaces with skylights are predominantly lit by natural light. An energy-efficient skylight can cut down on the lighting, heating and cooling costs. This is because minimal supplementary lighting will be used in kitchens and bathrooms as skylights bring in more daylight. The skylight acts as a heating and cooling system, capturing the heat from sunlight to keep the spaces warm, and can be double glazed to keep cold air out, which are all cost-saving benefits.

5. Architectural feature.

Skylights are a real wow factor! Putting in a skylight is an architectural feature that stands out and makes a statement in the home. Skylights shift the focus upwards and create an atmosphere of natural light, warmth and comfort. They are an attractive feature that adds to the home, providing stunning views of the sky during the day and night.

6. Improve wellbeing.

Natural lights keeps us happy and healthy. It has been proven that Vitamin D has health benefits with positive effects on the mind and body. By bringing the outdoors indoors, with increased sunlight, this can impact upon mood and focus levels, for optimal functioning of the body. Having access to natural light can elevate how your home feels, and therefore how you feel in your home.


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